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14. prosince 2007 v 19:20 | Lenka-webmasterka |  NOVINKY
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merry merry! happy happy!

I am merry AND happy as this year I get to wake up on x-mas morning, have my morning cappucino or latte or whatever it is, and snuggle up by the fire + watch my 4 beautiful children open their treats + milkbones
aaaah...the good life.

I hope you are all excited about what XMAS is REALLY about, i Egging spiked with 151.
fightning with these you love the most.

Really I just wanted to say THANKYOU to all you guys + gals for making this last year an extremely memorable + special one.
It really coudn't have been better
The support from over here is overwhelming + makes me feel like family.
The shows + the vibe for (?) FANTASTIC + the connection was felt every step.
I hope you all had as much fun as I did.

Now I'm off to wrap some goodies + bake some shit and when we ring in this new year I'm going to first be THANKFUL for all that I have + am, all the kick ass supportive people in my life and for the music that keeps us going.

I will see you soon


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1 Lulukinečka Lulukinečka | 14. prosince 2007 v 22:29 | Reagovat

Ahojky miluju PINK ,má very prety parvopis !!! Můžeš se kuknout na web pls ?

2 Alecia Moore Alecia Moore | Web | 14. prosince 2007 v 23:16 | Reagovat


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